Solar Energy Advantages

We get several calls about this in our Simply Solar of Arizona office. Many people are just learning about solar energy and want to know what the real advantages of solar are.

The simplest and truest advantage of solar is that it is renewable. As long as the sun continues to rise, its done that since earth was created over 4 billion years ago, and there is no scientific proof that it cant continue for another 4 billion years. Im pretty sure you can use that in a study on
Solar power Melbourne Return on Investment!

Another major advantage is that solar energy emits no pollution whatsoever. The sun shines on the panels and the solar cells collect the light and convert it into direct current (DC). No fossil fuels. No carbon monoxide. No toxic waste that lasts for thousands of years. No toxic waste is a very strong one of the pros of solar.

Its store able. True, most systems we install at Simply Solar are of the Grid Tied variety. That means that the solar panels are producing electricity only when the utility company is supplying electricity to your home. But, there are additional system add-ons that will charge back-up battery systems. This is typical of whats known as off-grid systems. Batteries are still rather expensive so its not as common in residential installations. Commercially generated solar power can be generated, distributed and stored. Commercial solar plants create solar energy and then feed it to the grid.

Solar has a huge advantage at remote locations…solar power can be generated on-site. This means that solar is very popular in remote locations where transmission lines do not serve a remote residence. Its also great, on a smaller scale, for powered security gates and traffic signals and signs. Youve seen them all over town powering school zone warning lights and other types of signage.

Electricity price guarantee. Everyone agrees that electricity rates continue to climb year after year. The price of oil and coal dictates what it cost to fire many power plants. As the cost of those commodities go up, the energy companies raise their rates. The cost of producing solar energy is fixed. The sun shines, produces DC current and your system converts it to AC. There is no fuel to buy and sunlight is not a commodity traded on the CBE. Supply and demand forces do not influence the “cost of sunshine”.

Financial Pros of Solar Energy PV System
Financial advantages. Through various Federal, State and local governments as well as through utility company incentives, solar has never been more affordable.

With the all the incentives used in together, the home owners share can be as low as 50%, 40% even 30% of the cost of the system. Thats really an incredible opportunity.

But these incentives will not last for ever. In fact, many incentives already have looming expiration dates. Time to take action!

One last thing. Now available from Simply Solar is a comprehensive leasing system. With our leasing program, you can get a solar lease with no money down!

Youll be up and running, producing your own solar energy without as much as one thin dime escaping your pocket.

Ready to find out more? Complete the request form and well swiftly contact you back and schedule some time to discuss the programs, survey your needs and educate you on what is possible on your home.

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